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Approved Flexitanks

Flexitank overview

Flexitanks are bulk liquid containers constructed from multiple layers of food grade polyethylene and enclosed in an outer layer of high strength abrasion-resistant woven polypropylene. This construction allows for the transport in standard 20-foot sea or railway containers of non-hazardous liquids of volumes ranging from 14,000 to 24,000 litres. The Flexitanks are designed for single-trip use, are environmentally friendly and can be recycled. They are a safe and cost effective solution for bulk liquid transport.

They are approved by the US Food & Drugs Administration (FDA), and other relevant international bodies, for the carriage of bulk liquid products.

Valve Technology

Different valve types can be installed and fitted on the Flexitank based on customer requirements. Top or bottom loading & unloading options may be customized to ensure that your product is handled according to your machines and trained personnel.


Whether transporting juice, oils, or wine, Flexitanks offer you the capacity of an ISO tank with the convenience of a shipping container. Flexitanks are engineered to carry bulk liquid products by road, rail and sea while maintaining the freshness and quality of the product. Flexitanks are straightforward to install, transforming a readily available dry shipping container into a liquid-carrying container. Additional benefits include:

  • No cleaning of empty tankers.
  • Lower freight cost.
  • Abundance of dry 20-foot containers.
  • Inner liner is recyclable or disposable.
  • No forklifts required
  • Can travel by land and sea.
  • No hidden rental or cleaning fees

Flexitanks are capable of transporting various liquid products, including:

Food Non-food
Fruit Juice
Vegetable Oil
Fish Oils
Mineral Water
Tomato Paste
Printing Inks
Liquid Fertiliser
Non-Hazardous Chemicals