UN/ADR Approved Bulk Bag

Specifically designed for the transportation of hazardous goods

The transport of dangerous goods is regulated in order to prevent injury to people, harm to the environment and material damages. BSFL Packaging’s range of UN Bulk Bags is designed and certified to contain and transport hazardous materials by Sea, Land and Rail in accordance with the UN International standards.

BSFL Packaging offer a range of UN approved, or Hazardous Goods bulk bags designed and certified in accordance with the United Nations Recommendations on the Transportation of Dangerous Materials, usually known as the “Orange Book”.

The ‘Orange Book’ also provides the basis of other relevant European and international packaging regulations on the transport of dangerous goods UN REGULATIONS as below:

IDMG Transport by sea
ADR Transport by road
RID Transport by rail

The transportation of dangerous goods in UN Bags is regulated by recognized international standards by the United Nations (UN).

Categories of UN Bulk Bag

UN Codes for Type of Bulk Bags:

Degree of Danger Packing Group UN-Symbol max. Volume
high I X 1.5 m³
medium II Y 3.0 m³
low III Z 3.0 m³
13 Flexible IBC for solids, filled or discharged by gravity (liquids and solids under pressure [>0.1 bar] are not permitted)
13H1 Woven PP fabric without coating or inner liner
13H2 Woven PP fabric, coated
13H3 Woven PP fabric with inner liner
13H4 Woven PP fabric, coated and with inner liner
Y Flexible IBC approved for packaging groups II and III
Z Flexible IBC approved for packaging groups III

Note: UN bags are not classified by safety factors they are classified by packing groups I, II or III. The term safety factor refers to FIBCs for non-dangerous goods.

UN Bulk Bag Markings

UN logo displayed on bulk bags

The UN marking on FIBCs must be durable, legible and readily visible. Letters, symbols and numbers printed onto the bag should be a minimum of 12 mm high.

Example of UN Markings for FIBCs

a) un_logo_small the United Nations packaging symbol
b) 13 Flexible IBC for solids, filled or discharged by gravity
c) H2 Woven PP fabric with inner liner
d) Z Approved for packaging group III
e) 05.12 Month and year of manufacture
f) Country authorizing the allocation of the mark
g) Code of Certifying Body
h) Identification of IBC as specified by competent authority
i) Name of the manufacturer and number of identification
j) 3600 Stacking test load in kilograms (1.8 times of the maximum permissible gross mass that may be stacked on top)
k) 1005 Maximum permissible gross mass in kilograms


class4_1 class4_2 class4_3 class5_1
Class 4.1
Flammable Solids, self reactive substances and desensitized explosives
Class 4.2
Substances liable to spontaneous combustion
Class 4.3
Substances which, in contact with water, emit flammable gases
Class 5.1
Oxidizing substances
class5_2 class6_1 class8 class9
Class 5.2
Organic peroxides
Class 6.1
Toxic substances
Class 8
Corrosive substances
Class 9
Miscellaneous dangerous substances and articles

To be able to determine your requirement all we need have is the UN classification of the product to be packed and transported. Based on that information we will design your UN Bags to meet your exact requirements.

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