Bulk Vented Log Bags

These bulk vented log bags are manufactured with 2-sides of ventilated Polypropylene (PP) woven fabric with mosquito netting on the other two side panels.

This permits maximum air flow through the bulk bag. The “Bulk Vented Log Bag” is a cost effective solution ideally suited to the drying, storing and transporting of logs.

Vented Log Bag Design

Materials 2 – sides & base – 26 vented PP fabric
2 – sides mosquito net
UV Stabilised All materials UV stabilised – (150KLY)
Lifting Loops 4-Loop Corner Style
Emptying 2 Base Tipping Loops to facilitate emptying


  • Maximum air flow to dry logs – reduces mould and discolouration
  • Ideal for outdoor drying of logs – materials resist UV degradation
  • Ideal for use with indoor drying chambers
  • Bags can be reused if handled correctly

Base Tipping Loops facilitate emptying

Sizes Available

Option 1 – Capacity 1.0 m3     – Internal 87 x 116 x 100 cm / External 91 x 120 x 105 cm
Option 2 – Capacity 0.75 m3  –
Internal 87 x 87 x 90 cm / External 91 x 91 x 95 cm
Option 3 – Capacity 0.50 m3  –
Internal 76 x 76 x 80 cm / External 80 x 80 x 85 cm
Option 4 – Custom Sizes          –
Available to order, subject to minimum quantities

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Net Bags

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